Event Date : 2018-07-09 - 2018-07-13

Submission Deadline : 2017-12-20

Venue : THAISIM (Thailand Simulation and Gaming Association)

Website : http://www.isaga2018.com/

ISAGA is a professional association for students, teachers, trainers, researchers, practitioners and other professionals. Its aim is to promote gaming simulation methods, including research, consulting, learning and teaching methods, such as traditional business and management simulation games, policy exercises, computer simulations and computer-supported simulation games, role play, learning games, scenarios, dynamic case studies, experiential learning activities, business-theatre, etc..

Higher education reform, harmonization, and developing new teachers are key issues of AEC. To celebrate Thaisim's 10th anniversary and to appreciate half century legend of ISAGA, we planned this conference as an opportunity to exchange the wisdom from many countries. We will discuss the future of Simulation & Gaming, ISAGA, people, and learners together. Everyone is welcome to discover the future; so come, let's gather in Thailand!!!

a. Design of S&G (Simulation Gaming) board, card, and other formats and approaches

b. Facilitation & debriefing of S&G

c. S&G to test and develop theories in different social and other domains

d. S&G for practical design of environmental, social, industrial, political issue.

e. S&G for crisis management, risk management, and natural disaster management

f. S&G applications in language, communication, science, history, business management, logistics, supply chain, and other disciplines

g. S&G in active learning, experiential learning, skill development, and learning outcomes

h. Applications of S&G in computer-assisted, internet-based, AI-based, and other cutting-edge technological platforms

i. Experiences in using S&G in South East Asia region


j. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality for S&G

Organized by : THAISIM (Thailand Simulation and Gaming Association), Mahidol University, and Thonburi University