Event Date : 2018-10-24 - 2018-10-26

Submission Deadline : 2018-03-15

Venue : Phuket

Website : http://www.icue2018.ait.ac.th

Sustainable development is based on three interlinked criteria: economic development, social progress and environmental protection. It is the state of development that seeks to produce sustainable economic growth while ensuring future generations’ ability to do the same by not exceeding the regenerative capacity of nature. It is an economic development with social awareness that doesn’t sacrifice the environment. Holistic approach to global modernization, urbanization and industrialization must be in place for a sustainable development to exist. If the goal of development is to raise living standards, provide access to modern energy services, use of energy more efficiently, then Green growth must play a key role. Incorporating elements of low-carbon green growth in economic strategies that would include technological, financial and investment aspects, as well as national and regional energy strategy plans towards a sustainable Green future has now become more important. A low-carbon based economic growth is the only way to go to help mitigate environmental pollution and CO2 emissions.

This ICUE 2018 conference will be a venue to exchange research ideas, experiences, technical, social, financial, economic and policy issues covering greening energy utilization. Here, energy professionals, policy makers, researchers, members of the academe, engineers, members of the energy supply sector, etc., will have a platform to showcase research findings, technological innovations, transformative emerging technologies, and even to discuss burning global, regional and national issues in energy utilization for development and environment policies and programmes.

The conference will discuss the following, but not limited to:

GREEN Energy Technology

- Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro, Geothermal)

- Biomass, Biofuels and Biogas

- Greening the Fossil Fuels

- Emerging and Advanced Green Energy Technologies

- Energy efficiency and rationale use of energy

GREEN Power, Industrialization and Transport

- Smart Grid and Green Energy Integration 

- Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution 

- Power System Design, Operation and Interconnection 

- Power System Optimization, Planning and Analysis 

- Greening the Industrial Sector’s Energy Use and Options 

- Green Energy in Transport

GREEN Energy Policies and Programmes 

- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Green Energy 

- Energy and Carbon Offset

- Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Climate Change 

- Energy and the Environment 

- Greening Urbanization and Urban Settlements 

- Rural Development through Green Energy 

- Energy and Health

- Promoting Disruptive Innovation

GREEN Economy 

- Green Energy Trade for Economic Development 

- Trans-boundary Power Exchange (cross-border power issues) 

- Geopolitical Sustainability Issues and Strategies


- Low Carbon Economy and Society

Organized by : Asian Instittute of Technology AIT