Event Date : 2018-06-28 - 2018-06-29

Submission Deadline : 2018-03-09

Venue : Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Website : http://www.huso.tsu.ac.th/ICES_TSU/

The ICES 2018 would like to invite those working in the field of English language and English language teaching or other related areas to the 1st International Conference on English Studies ICES will be held on 28-29 June 2018 at Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand.

The theme of the conference is “Innovation in English Language Teaching and Learning.” We primarily welcome presentations and workshops related to innovation in language teaching and learning, however, other related areas will also be considered as a second priority. It is hoped the conference would provide opportunities for English teachers, educators, researchers, policy makers, and postgraduate students to exchange their teaching experience, especially related to innovation in language teaching and learning. 


The rapid pace of emergence of Industry 4.0 requires enhancement of human capital in many aspects to meet the knowledge and skills requirements. This new industrial development trend unavoidably puts demand on education to transform itself to “Education 4.0” at the same time.    That’s how it is termed in the present.  Education 4.0 requires knowledge production and innovation applications in all levels of education. Technology and Innovation have therefore become one of the central themes in global education nowadays.

“Innovation in English Language Teaching and Learning” is the 2018 conference theme. “Innovation” highlights the process of uncovering new ways to do things. It can pertain to modifying teaching practice and adapting to changes to achieve better learning outcome. It is significantly crucial for English language skill development. Being innovative should always be a part of teachers’ teaching approach. With creative thinking, challenges in teaching and learning can be handled differently and strategically. 

Collaboration is the latest direction for educational innovation and improvement as professional cooperation obviously enhances the implementation of innovation and change. This conference is aimed at serving that end by providing Thai and international scholars, educators, practitioners, teachers, and learners of English with a platform to share an academic experience in discussions and presentations. It also establishes a scholarly community leading to development of research studies in the field of English for the global society.



Presenting at ICES (2018) is a beneficial opportunity to all English language teachers, educators, and any people involved, both intellectually and socially for their ongoing futures in English language teaching (ELT). We welcome and invite presentations on any aspect of the theme including, but not limited to, the following ELT fields:

English Language and Literature:

- Children Literature

- Postcolonial Literature

- World Literature in English

- Literature and Environment

- English and American Literature

- Minority and Diasporic Literature

 English Language Teaching:

- Teacher Education

- Materials Design

- Bilingual Education

- Testing and Assessment

- Blended Learning in ELT

- Classroom Action Research

- Second Language Acquisition

- Mobile Teaching and Learning

- ELT Professional Development

- Curriculum and Material Development

- Methodologies and Teaching Approaches

- Critical Pedagogy and Language Teaching

- English for Academic/Specific Purposes

- Multilingual and Multicultural Education

- Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

  English Linguistics:

- Translation

- English Syntax

- Discourse/Genre Analysis

- English Discourse Analysis

- English Corpus Linguistics

- English Applied Linguistics

- Identity and Learner Autonomy

- English Phonetics and Phonology

- Plurilingualism and Translanguaging

- Translingual Practices of Language Learners

- World Englishes/English as a Lingua Franca


Organized by : Thaksin University