Event Date : 2018-07-11 - 2018-07-13

Submission Deadline : 2018-04-30

Venue : KMUTT Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center (KX), Bangkok, Thailand

Website : http://www.istem-ed.com/istem-ed2018/home.php

On behalf of conference organizers, I would like to invite you to the International STEM Education Conference: iSTEM-Ed 2018. The conference is organized by King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi - KMUTT Learning Institute, Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, and Ratchaburi Campus and the Electrical Engineering Academic Association of Thailand (EEAAT). The organizers also extended the invitation to the Office of Vocational Education Commission and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology to co-organize iSTEM-Ed 2018.


iSTEM-Ed provides opportunities for sharing experiences, knowledge and techniques in teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts. In our past two conferences, we have had great presentations and discussion among participants from various disciplines with common passion in teaching and learning and a common goal of helping students excel to their best. We expect this tradition to continue in iSTEM-Ed 2018.

Technical scope 

The theme of iSTEM-Ed 2018 is "STE(A)M Education: Step Forward to a Smart World" The scope may include, but not limited to the following areas: 


Skills Development 

- 21st Century Skills 

- Ethical and Social Justice Issues (e.g., Access, Equity) 

- Generic Skills (e.g., Communications, Teamwork) 

- Laboratory Experiences (On-Campus and Remote) 

- Lifelong Learning/Education 

- Research Training (Undergraduate and Graduate) 

- Instructional kits for skills development 


Technology Based Teaching and Learning 

- Digital Technology / ICT Applications 

- Online/E-Learning and Distance Learning 

- Computer-Based Learning and Courseware Technologies 

- Educational Games and Simulations 

- Learning Management Systems (LMS) 

- Mobile Learning 

- MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) 

- Smart Classroom 

- Social Media Techniques 

- Innovation for Education 

- Teaching Material 

- Instructional Design 


Education Management and System 

- Accreditation and Quality Assurance (QA) 

- Assessment and Evaluation 

- Curriculum Design and development 

- CDIO-based Education (Conceive Design Implement Operate) 

- Development of academic staff/faculty and learning organization 

- Educational Policy, Leadership and Administration 

- Entrepreneurship Programs 

- Examination Techniques 

- High School Initiatives and Partnerships 

- Vocational Education 

- STEM for TVET 

- Industry Linkages and Partnerships 

- Interdisciplinary Teaching Approaches 

- Learning Analytics 

- National Quality Frameworks (NQF) 

- Competency-based Learning 


Models of Teaching 

- Bloom’s Taxonomy 

- CBL (Challenge based learning) 

- DBL (Design based learning) 

- IBL (Inquiry based learning) 

- OBE (Outcome based education/learning) 

- PBL (Problem based learning) 

- RBL (Research based learning) 

- BBL (Brain based learning) 

-Project based learning 

-Puzzle based learning 

-TBL (Team based learning) 

-TGT (Team - Games - Tournament) 

- Competency-based learning 

- Creative thinking learning 

- Work-Based and Work-Integrated Education 


Art for STEM 

- Teaching and learning design 

- Laboratory design 

- Educational kits 

- Design and experimental setup 

- Student group management 

- Education media : design or implementation 

- Seminar in STEM education 

- Active Learning 

- Creative Innovation for education


Organized by : KMUTT