Event Date : 2019-05-28

Submission Deadline : 2019-04-22

Venue : North Bangkok Rangsit Campus

Website : http://www.benjamitvichakarn.org

The country development plan, Thailand 4.0, has caused a major change in the social direction advancing from analog society to digital society. This change has happened globally affecting people’s way of life. Developing people to be ready for the digital age is vital as a human is a most valuable asset for country development. Providing people with knowledge and creativity help reducing inequality in society, education, and economy especially educational development. This development helps improving creative thinking skill, analytical expertise, problem-solving ability, and also developing advanced-digital skill.

With the mentioned importance, the academic network cooperation, BENJAMITRA along with foreign institutions, is holding the 9th BENJAMITRA National and International Conferences in a topic of Educational and Human Resource Development. Aiming to benefit teaching and learning, development of students/faculty/researchers, research improvement, publication, knowledge exchange, and other aspects. Furthermore, this conference helps to expand the academic network cooperation in the near future for sustainability knowledge development.


1. Science and Technology

2. Social Science

3. Education

4. Interdisciplinary topics

Organized by : Research Affairs