Event Date : 2019-06-18 - 2019-06-19

Submission Deadline : 2019-03-15

Venue : Ambassador Bangkok Hotel

Website : http://www.pharmacy.su.ac.th/pst/index.html


The main theme of the conference is Pharmaceutical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences for Human Health”. The main topics of this conference cover Pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and engineering; Preformulation and physical pharmacy; Pharmaceutical nanotecnology; Drug delivery, drug design and development; Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical process and development; Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics; Quality assurance and management; Cosmeceuticals and cosmetics; Natural products and phytochemistry; Medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry; Pharmacology and toxicology. Major topics and new trends will be introduced through plenary, keynote and invited lectures that will be given by internationally recognized experts. I anticipate that this conference will bring together multidisciplinary researchers from academia, industry and government, and provide valuable opportunities for international networking and knowledge exchange. I look forward to seeing you in Bangkok, the city of smiles.

Abstract submission guideline Topics for PST2019 conference are including:

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and engineering

• Material sciences and technology

• Polymer sciences

• Preformulation and physical pharmacy

• Pharmaceutical nanotechnology

• Drug delivery, drug design and development

• Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical process and development

• Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics

• Quality assurance and management

• Cosmeceuticals and cosmetics

• Natural products and phytochemistry

• Medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry

• Pharmacology and toxicology

Organized by : Thai Industrial Pharmacist Association (TIPA) and Silpakorn University (SU)