Event Date : 2019-11-15 - 2019-11-17

Submission Deadline : 2019-09-15

Venue : AETAS Lumpini hotel

Website : https://www.pcrconference.org

This highly exciting and challenging international conference on peace and conflict resolution is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for governmental officials, academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, policy makers, advanced students, and others.

More specifically, it targets:

  • Government officials and policy makers: Learn about the best practices in international relations, peace building and conflict resolution, current political trends and more; network with other policy makers and NGOs working in the field of supporting the peace development.

  • NGOs: Network with other international NGOs, possible donors and colleagues from around the world and share your achievements and strategies with others.

  • Graduate students: Meet your colleagues from around the world, make new friends, and improve your knowledge and communication skills.

  • Scholars: Learn some new approaches, hear about others’ experiences and pass on your knowledge and experience on to the others.

  • Others: Interested in making some positive changes around them and gaining new knowledge, skills and friends and becoming more useful to their own communities.

Organized by : Tomorrow People Organization