Event Date : 2021-12-16

Submission Deadline : 2021-08-15

Venue : online

Website : https://en.mahidol.ac.th/enric/

In the last two decades, the challenges from environmental catastrophes have become greater than ever. Global warming and climate change are causing devastating impacts around the world. The frequency and severity of natural disasters are rapidly increasing; man-made pollution is threatening the safety of the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe; current agriculture and aquaculture methods are decimating our natural resources. Innovations and sustainable technologies are needed to reduce environmental degradation and improve sustainability. The principle of sustainability is emerging as a global concept that requires research and development of ideas from a broad range of sciences and practices. A healthy environment and sustainable use of our natural resources are essential for the peace and security of future mankind. Transforming from current knowledge platforms towards sustainable paradigms should be initiated with appropriate solutions that will take careful planning and consideration. The goal is to conserve natural resources and improve the economic viability of human livelihoods. Protection and conservation of land, water, biodiversity and climate are pre-requisite to saving our future earth in a sustainable way. Building strong engagement is critical for communicating, evaluating and implementing complex innovations to replace traditional economic and social interacting systems. With this goal, we propose to hold the 4th Environment and Natural Resources International Conference as a Virtual Format due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We welcome researchers to present their work related to environmental issues and discuss the challenges facing our future global safety, security and sustainability.

Therefore, our theme for this conference focuses on \"Challenges, Innovations and Transformations for Environmental Sustainability\"

It is our honor and great pleasure to invite all to attend this 4th Environment and Natural Resource International Conference (ENRIC). The target groups for this International Conference are students, researchers, academicians, scientists, engineers, NGO members, policy makers and other stakeholders from the fields of science, engineering, environment, natural resources, and sustainable development.

Organized by : Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University