Event Date : 2021-12-14 - 2021-12-15

Submission Deadline : 2021-11-14

Venue : Online platform

Website : https://www.ihsatec.com/ , https://www.thailandhalalassembly.com/

The International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2021 (IHSATEC): 14th Halal Science and Business (HASIB) is a conference collaboration program between The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University (HSC-CU), Research Synergy Foundation (RSF), The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, and The Central Islamic Council of Thailand.

We invite all researchers, lecturers, students, practitioners and academicians to gather in this conference to exchange and share their thought and finding in various spectrums of Halal Science and Technology (Industry and Business) for oral presentation in Academic Session of Thailand Halal Assembly 2021.

This conference not only give you global forum to share and exchange idea, research, and work. But also, provide wider network and research ecosystem for further collaboration and projects. We are glad to share this good opportunities in the scientific community, that will be offered ONLY for all participants who participate/ attend the conference.

field of studies

Food Science and Nutrition

Food Safety and Management

Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT)

Health and Physical Science

Nanoscience and Technology

Environment and Green Technology

Post COVID-19 Management

Digital Marketing and Data Driven Marketing

E-Business and Mobile Commerce

Artificial Intelegence (AI)

Islamic Finance

Cosmetic Science



Organized by : The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University (HSC-CU)