Event Date : 2022-08-25 - 2022-08-27

Submission Deadline : 2022-08-01

Venue : Paris, France

Website : https://primemeetings.org/2022/renewable-sustainable-energy

To promote current research outcomes within the research communities to enhance their current knowledge in the field of Renewable and Sustainable Energy and to discover new trends for future applications which are safer, cheaper and easier, Prime Meetings is organizing the  Global Meet on Renewable and Sustainable Energy. The theme of the conference is Exploring the Ongoing Research Trends in Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

Topics of Discussion/Sessions

We request you to submit a brief idea or abstract of your talk/presentation/symposium/workshop according to your session interest

Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Energy

Wave, Tide and Ocean Thermal Energies

Biomass & Biogas

Power Engineering

Oil & Gas


Waste to Energy

Nuclear Energy

Green Nanotechnology

Wind Energy

Energy Networks


Fossil Fuel

Green Energy

Petroleum Engineering

Solar Power & Artificial Synthesis

Biodegradable & Non-biodegradable

Greenhouse Effect

Hydro Power

Renewable Energy

Carbon Emissions


Global Warming


Organized by : Prime Meetings